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Tattoo the Bride

Dress laces

Virginal Bride

Just went to the latest Generation-Ink wedding. As the dresses expose more and more flesh (remember sleeves? yeah, me neither), the tattooes become more and more prominent. Naturally, the Culture Vulture has to wonder how the modern bride decides how to display her tattoo on the Big Day. After all, this is the day of which every little girl dreams, the one day of her life to feel like a princess.(yeah, me neither on that one, as well) And what princess would feel truly lovely without Tinkerbell hovering on her bicep? Or the gang from South Park lined up across her back? The conservative bride can be identified by her conservative tattoo. Flowers and birds, but not too many. This fascinating shift in wedding customs reveals an utter lack of self-consciousness among brides of today. The tattoo is not hidden or minimized. The tattoo takes center stage, like an honored member of the wedding party. Brides of yesteryear had fun wearing Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. How does the ex-boyfriend-tattoo fit into that quaint little ritual? Something Regretted? A sticky problem not mentioned by Martha Stewart…yet.

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