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Road Trip Tunes

Road trip, no A.C.

Image by Chovee via Flickr

Been thinking about the perfect road trip. Even a one-day getaway can be soul-nourishing. Your travelling companion is more important than your destination (just like in daily life). He or she has to share your enthusiasm for the unplanned detour to visit The World Famous Mystery Spot!!! or The Thing!!! There must also be a shared love for gas-station snacks. But, above all, you must both love (okay, tolerate will do) one another’s weird musical tastes. Because the music can make or break a good road trip. Sometimes, Cyndi Lauper’sĀ ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ must be sung at full volume with the windows rolled down and the wind whipping your hair into a wild imitation of Cyndi (or Boy George, take your pick), eighties style. When you’re taking the backroads, watching the miles roll by through farmland or desert, something more reflective is calledĀ for. George Winston comes to mind. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons works well. One of my fave road trip soundtracks is the music of Honk, from the surf flick, Five Summer Stories. Cameron Crowe, who gave us Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Almost Famous, made a movie (Elizabethtown) centered around the perfect road trip tunes. What is your perfect road trip compilation?

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