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Failure: Not an Option

1. Keep up with the Kardashians
2. Exercise more (add the word More to any resolution…just vague enough to guarantee success)
3. Eat less (the More Principal in reverse…can be used for swearing, watching TV, wasting time on the internet, etc.)
4. Gain 5 pounds (after losing the 20 I gained last year, next December will speed me to my goal)
5. Write witty and sparkling prose that will be shared at the water cooler (this is just subjective enough that I can delude myself into believing I have accomplished it, regardless of the truth)

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What if?

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most ven...

If I had been the Virgin Mary,

I would have said, “No.”

Margaret Smith

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Christmas Quirkiness

Undaunted Santa

On Dancer! On Prancer! On......what the ???????

Drive=By Santa

Drive-By Santa

Suicidal Santa

Suicidal Santa

Pie Tin Christmas-Crafty!

Merry Dumpster to All and to All a Good Night!

Sigh...OK, I guess we could put those giant balls on the lawn again...

Sigh…OK, Let’s put those giant balls on the lawn and call it a day

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Occupy Wall Street

Shopping center parking lot

The Culture Vulture is harboring a suspicion that the Occupy Wall Street  movement is targetting shopping malls. Or maybe they are just in need of some much-needed retail therapy, after so many nights of sleeping in tents and eating Dominoe’s pizza. No one ever said the life of an activist is an easy one. No, it’s clear that they have shifted their focus and are now morphing into a new movement: Occupy Mall Street. How else to explain it? The economy is in terrible shape, but I still can’t  find a parking spot.

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