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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

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Yes, I’ve shared a kiss between the stacks. But only because the library holds such seductive associations for me. Walking into a building full of books with endless choices, knowing that I can take home a variety of books and am under no compulsion to finish them. Because…drum roll, please…they’re free! Unbelievable! The thing I love to do most – read – costs me not one red cent. I’m always amazed that the library isn’t busier. How do people not get that there is a store full of endless books that you don’t have to pay for?

Not that I don’t love buying books. I have way too many. But books that I buy can disappoint me. When I pay for them, I want them to be really good. I mean really, really, seriously wonderful. I want to love that book. I feel obligated to finish it. I’ve made a commitment. My preference is to buy a book with which I already have a relationship. I’ve read it and fallen deeply in love. Our first encounter? At the library, of course.

Bookstores are lovely places. But the library, ah, the library. Like a casual flirtation. Something catches my eye, I bring him home for awhile, knowing that I may or may not fall in love. It’s okay. I can read a few chapters and if I get bored, no big deal. I’m onto the next one. No hard feelings, no guilt. It’s understood. We don’t own each other, we’re just sharing space for a few weeks.

I’m a promiscuous reader. I read books from the library for which I would never pay money. Travel guides for destinations I have no intention of visiting, Persian poetry, shallow celebrity biographies, history textbooks, landscaping. There is no end of topics to explore and because there is no cost, I pull books on a whim. Just because.

I’m happy to keep this secret treasure trove to myself. If the masses don’t use the library, then my library remains quiet and delightful, just for me. I don’t know whether the library will become obsolete because of the internet. It seems to be an old-fashioned habit, borrowing books. But still my second favorite activity on a Saturday afternoon.

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You thought YOUR shoes hurt!


1. Bamboo slivers driven under fingernails

2. Prolonged sleep deprivation

3. Rap music

4. Waterboarding

5. Women’s shoes

6. The Rack

7. Airline seats

8. Women’s shoes

9. Cattle prod

10. Women’s shoes

(did I mention women’s shoes?)

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