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universal potting soil
Tulip, 2005 Floriade, Canberra

From such humble origins, a tulip bursts into life.

What do we, as humans, share with those bulbs?

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Hidden Strength

Hand in hand

Image by Images by John 'K' via Flickr

Babies are full of potential. It takes time to reveal their talents.

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Christmas Quirkiness

Undaunted Santa

On Dancer! On Prancer! On......what the ???????

Drive=By Santa

Drive-By Santa

Suicidal Santa

Suicidal Santa

Pie Tin Christmas-Crafty!

Merry Dumpster to All and to All a Good Night!

Sigh...OK, I guess we could put those giant balls on the lawn again...

Sigh…OK, Let’s put those giant balls on the lawn and call it a day

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Trunk of Giant Redwood

Giant Sequoia Tree grown from a seed pod that is the size of an egg.

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Man Purse Pics

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