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Yes, I’ve shared a kiss between the stacks. But only because the library holds such seductive associations for me. Walking into a building full of books with endless choices, knowing that I can take home a variety of books and am under no compulsion to finish them. Because…drum roll, please…they’re free! Unbelievable! The thing I love to do most – read – costs me not one red cent. I’m always amazed that the library isn’t busier. How do people not get that there is a store full of endless books that you don’t have to pay for?

Not that I don’t love buying books. I have way too many. But books that I buy can disappoint me. When I pay for them, I want them to be really good. I mean really, really, seriously wonderful. I want to love that book. I feel obligated to finish it. I’ve made a commitment. My preference is to buy a book with which I already have a relationship. I’ve read it and fallen deeply in love. Our first encounter? At the library, of course.

Bookstores are lovely places. But the library, ah, the library. Like a casual flirtation. Something catches my eye, I bring him home for awhile, knowing that I may or may not fall in love. It’s okay. I can read a few chapters and if I get bored, no big deal. I’m onto the next one. No hard feelings, no guilt. It’s understood. We don’t own each other, we’re just sharing space for a few weeks.

I’m a promiscuous reader. I read books from the library for which I would never pay money. Travel guides for destinations I have no intention of visiting, Persian poetry, shallow celebrity biographies, history textbooks, landscaping. There is no end of topics to explore and because there is no cost, I pull books on a whim. Just because.

I’m happy to keep this secret treasure trove to myself. If the masses don’t use the library, then my library remains quiet and delightful, just for me. I don’t know whether the library will become obsolete because of the internet. It seems to be an old-fashioned habit, borrowing books. But still my second favorite activity on a Saturday afternoon.

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What is a Chair?

Woman and boy sitting in chair

Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

“There has been an attempt, an erroneous one, to make a special class of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie is simply the contented portion of the people. the bourgeois is the man who has now time to sit down. A chair is not a caste.”                  Victor Hugo

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Artists, Writers, Musicians

Everybody Else

I used to dream about hanging out with artists, writers and musicians. Then I found out they’re just like everybody else.

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