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Living in the Middle East, I’ve come to the conclusion that Leonardo Da Vinci got it wrong. Okay, he was a genius and probably knew exactly what he was doing when he painted The Last Supper. But, even in the year 2014, eating on the floor is quite common here in Saudi Arabia. Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians and Palestinians all sit on rugs or cushions around a narrow rectangular sheet of plastic. The disposable ‘tablecloths’ are sold in grocery stores next to the paper plates and plastic tea cups. Big, block cushions serve as arm rests. Much of the food is eaten with the fingers. The rest is scooped up with scraps of pita bread.

Two thousand years have passed since the last supper, yet people in this part of the world still practice customs similar to those of the people represented in Da Vinci’s painting. I’m convinced that Jesus and the disciples sat on the floor on that fateful night.


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