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flip is higher than flop

flip is higher than flop

Summer! Time to pull my flip-flops out of storage. Hah! As if flip-flops are only for summer. What a quaint notion. Flip-flops, like jeans, are worn every day and for every occasion. What used to be bought at the dime store (now, that’s a quaint concept) for less than a quarter, is now a fashion item that can cost upwards of $100.00. How did the humble flip-flop transform herself from peasant to princess?

After WWII, American soldiers returned from Japan, bringing the zori with them. California surf culture elevated the status of those rubber thongs (yes, Ms. Millenial, a thong used to be footwear, not underwear). Zories, thongs, slaps, slippers, holo-holos, flip-flops – whatever you call them, they’re here to stay.

What has the Culture Vulture enthralled is the way that entrepreneurs have suckered us into paying so much for those rubber flip-flops. I’m not talking about the molded-arch, heavy-duty versions. I’m talking about the most basic rubber style. (you know who you are, Haviana) $25.00 is the average price and believe it or not, there are $200.00 versions adorned with Swarovski crystal elements (what used to be called rhinestones; i.e. cheap, fake jewels…but that’s a topic for another day). Apparently there are brides out there who want to wear bedazzled flip-flops on their special day but can’t find their way to Wal-Mart and don’t own a glue gun.

The Culture Vulture actually admires Haviana for having the audacity to market their product as more than just a shower shoe. Their full-spread ads in Vogue magazine are proof of the power of branding. Flip-flops as fashion statement. As P.T. Barnum famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” The capitalist spirit is alive and well. Kudos.


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So this is the state of banking today. Use your debit card and you could win a prize! Lottery and banking, what a great mix! I wonder why

Bank of Fun & Games

our economy is in such trouble with brilliant ideas like this one floating around out there.

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Just watched Oprah’s interview of J.K. Rowling (Jo, as she is known to Oprah, her new best friend-sorry, Gail) Great interview. Rowling has a way with words. Guess that explains that little thing called Harry Potter. Loved her observations about failure. Rock bottom is a solid base upon which to build. Liberating. Nothing to lose. Couldn’t help smiling at Oprah’s questions about Rowling’s wealth. What does it feel like to know you will always be rich? There followed a short discussion between two women who are in a position to ponder that question. Instead of tuning out, I (metaphorically) turned up my hearing aids to catch every pearl of their combined wisdom. Ah, the genius of Oprah! Who else can ask that question without alienating her core audience of walmart women, like me?

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